After a very successful campaign “Tempo by day, Tempo by night” Tempo improved its image and increased the number of shoppers in a very short period of time. In order to continue this trend, Delhaize decided to start renovating its Tempo shops so that their customers could get a completely new and unique experience of shopping. First to be improved was “Tempo Ada Centar” which re-opened in the beginning of April 2015. New campaign relies on the positive reactions to the previous campaign, but, at the same time, it presents “look” and “feel” of the shopping experience that awaits the customers in Tempo shops. Something, that will take their breath away.


The key element of the new campaign is “the spirit of Tempo”, presented within the choir composed of its customers. Through them Tempo speaks about its assortment, low prices, shopping experience and does it all in the manner of the fun and cheerful “Brechtian” theater play. At the same time, the family around which it all happens, is creating a “sitcom” feel, enjoying the elan of new Tempo. All these elements are integrated in the campign that will dominate the media all the way to the end of the year. 


Take a walk to your Tempo and see how crowdy it is. And as soon as the campaign “numbers” are available we’ll present them here.