People don’t want their bank to be just a delivery system for offers and services. They want it to be their partner and consultant in the important life decisions.

Societe Generale has precisely that intention- to measure its offers and services by their clients real needs. It wants to deliver individual, not universal solutions.

What’s the best way for a client to get what he really needs? Well, probably the one where he himself tells us that.


That’s why our “big and simple idea” was for Societe Generale to engage in mission to meet one-on-one each and every of their clients. Yes, each and every out of many hundred thousands!

These “1on1” meetings would be carried out through different channels: in the bank’s offices, via phone, via video calls, on the client’s location…

For this action which, as far as we know, no bank in Serbia ever committed to do, an extensive intern campaign was done, so that all the employees become aware of the task that’s ahead of them. Furthermore, the employees even took the part in producing the major part of the extern campaign, so it gain even more credibility.



The “1on1” meetings started before the campaign itself coz it will take time for this aim to be completely achieved.

But, considering the initial enthusiasm of the bank’s employees, where everyone is fully aware of their role in the success of this mission, there’s no doubt that every client will get what he really needs.