New Arteon model, launched for the first time on the market, is a blend of pure art and high technology. Just like a type of artwork that everyone can experience, it represents the self-portrait of the future. In order to connect both Arteon’s nature in the campaign – technological and artistic, we have found ourselves in the field of art photography.


The launching path started with a photo contest for five prospective photographers. They had the freedom to live with Arteon for one day, to get to know him and bring personal visions, experiences and impressions through their cameras. Those experiences would become Arteon’s visual identity for the launching campaign.

The exhibition of the photographers’ work became the launching event. Arteon, the object of beauty and artistic inspiration, was also the main exhibit.


Recorded post-launch experiences with 10 cars sold right after the event. In addition to that, this Arteon’s campaign gave some sincere support to art scene and provided more space for young artists to show their talent during working process with this cult brand.