In a market saturated with similar campaigns, displaying vehicles and prices, during the height of the summer season, a time when vehicle sales usually drop, we would like to offer something different. Our aim is to create communication to inspire and prompt a dialogue with the target group, which will also be effective in terms of the brand’s image and sales.


We created a number of messages relevant to specific locations and points of communication, with Golf as the main hero. All messages are witty riddles familiar to the local mindset and related to brand attributes. That is why solutions on billboards across Serbia, as well as every ad, depending on the magazine section and its type, including the Internet, had its “personal story and message”, directly communicating with both context and the environment.

Golf mala 1
Golf mala 2
Golf mala 3


The first interactive campaign for Golf in Serbia, featuring more than 100 different riddles relevant to the location of the ad was launched on billboards, in daily newspapers and in magazines, as well as on the Internet and the radio. At the same time, an online competition invited Golf fans to submit their own riddles featuring their favorite models via Facebook.

Judging by the reaction of people who saw the campaign, the number of participants of the online competition, client satisfaction and the fact that the new, second phase of the campaign will keep running – Golf Riddles is one of the most successful campaigns we created for Volkswagen. The image of the Golf as the leader in reliability and endurance, making it the favorite model in Serbia has further been reinforced and improved.