Big retail formats generally loose their sales due to the decreased purchase power. Frequency, recency and value are all decreased. Tempo, being the largest one, lost the largest part of sales. In addition, competitors woke up and made new propositions to customers that negatively influenced Tempo awareness and attractivness. It is not relevant to create new pricing offer linked to products that people do not frequently buy, but to those that they buy every second day. So, we did it.


In store musicle based on a very well known song that tells a story about 10 000 super prices, those prices that matter to you. Integrated campaign was launched creating huge number of executions.

Tempo mala 1
Tempo mala 2


Tempo has had tremendous awareness increase, measured in hundreds of percentes, becoming a number 1 retail brand people are aware of.
Frequency and recency increased, so Tempo now has more shoppers coming to their stores.
Negative trend is stopped and tempo is now building up growth.
In addition, competition was quite shaken, taking Tempo TVC as benchamark in many ways.